The intersection of film and music.  

Media for the contemporary era.

With the advent of high speed wireless connection, consumers now make decisions based on more than a couple contacts with media - they need to be repeatedly convinced of a brand or story's relevancy and quality.

Time:Code understands that in the 21st century speed and quality go hand in hand, but it takes a personal touch for audiences to care. 

We're here to provide an unforgettable experience.


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Featured Work

Taipei Music Academy and Festival

Branded Documentary

Directed by Jordan Hwang

Mark Cross


Directed by Ian Tan and Derrick Chen

A Cure for Silence

Narrative Short Film

Directed by Ian Tan and Derrick Chen

Taipei Music Academy and Festival

Promotional Reel

Produced by Ian Tan

Upcoming Work

fireflies_socialmedia_0410 (1).jpg

Design by Mulan Fu


Format: Narrative Short Film

Genre: Drama, Coming of Age, Romance


"When sixteen year old Aarti discovers her attraction to her best friend Aishwarya just days before her arranged marriage to a man she’s never met before, she must choose between honoring her family’s wishes or pursuing a taboo relationship that might ostracize her from the rest of the village."

Written by: Malhaar Gupte

Directed by: Malhaar Gupte

Produced by: Priya Khanolkar, Ian Tan

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