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A strong-willed, resentful daughter, Lily, visits her estranged, Alzheimer's-stricken father in hopes of confronting him of his wrongdoings.


Format: Narrative Short Film

Genre: Drama, Family

Written by: Jenny He

Directed by: Jenny He

Produced by: Ian Tan

Released in festivals Spring 2020


Having found an early interest in filmmaking while growing up in China and Germany, I am currently based in New York studying Film and Television at NYU Tisch.


“Remnant” is my first film as writer and director. The film is quite close to my heart as it is inspired by my grandfather who had suffered from Alzheimer’s in the last couple years of his life. I shot this film in the fall of 2018 in New York, where I believe there are families who will understand and empathize deeply with the themes of my film.

- Jenny He

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